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Summertime shenanigans

We've found a lovely new venue at The Plough & Harrow, Litlington, meeting a new and enthusiastic crowd, and simultaneously sampling selling some really nice Long Man Brewery wares (which is also in Litlington). We hope we can return there.

May was a quiet month although the duo were able to play for the campers down at Mac's Farm. The full band will be playing there again in August as part of their 2 day Folk Festival. June saw us in Westmeston for the second year running, this time playing for Brighton & Hove Motor Club Annual BBQ. They usually host the famous speed trials but this time they hosted the fastest violin playing in Sussex (probably).

In July we were honoured to play at our 4th wedding (not your usual wedding band, I know!) We had everything - rain, sun, food, fun, music, and of course, romance. We wish Jack & Sadie many happy years together. Also in July, we got to play a charity gig in Seaford. A sizable crowd turned out and that meant a good amount was raised for Cancer Research and a school in Africa. This month also sees us visiting The King's Head, Billingshurst, and The Boot, Seaford, both of which always provide a very good night. See you soon.

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