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I Love Drums

Always have, always will. The wood, the chrome fittings, the whole Meccano assembly faff... and then there’s the cymbals – sparkly metallic perfection. And I haven’t even mentioned the noise. I tuned my snare up so tight the other night it was beginning to hurt my ears. The thing is alive – hit the rim and it explodes! Before I go on any more (and bore you to tears with my drummer infatuations) I’ll ask you a question... What’s your equivalent pleasure? What innocent pursuit do you have that fully involves your senses? What do you do that puts you in a flow state of mind? You know, when you are totally immersed in something and nothing else matters. I dare say that it’s a rare thing these days. Just this morning I had to make a list of jobs and prioritise them because I had so much stuff going around in my head. We live in an achievement-addicted world of craziness (my list!) and sometimes we just need to choose something to focus on – to do well and enjoy. I’m off to bang a drum. What are you going to do? Answers on a postcard please to Jules @ Buckler’s Reel.

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