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Electric violin & Vocals


Guitar & Vocals


Bass & Vocals


Drums, Percussion & Vocals

We don’t want to play the same covers that everyone else does, and we’ve set out to prove that totally diverse and high energy folk-rock is just what the great British public really wants to hear. And we’ve succeeded! We’ve already enjoyed 10 years of playing all over Sussex but want to spread the vibe even further. Ask for us at your local club/pub.



Formed way back in a time before Game of Thrones, and when the newest iPhone was a 3 GS, folk and rock loving musicians came together to blend the two genres into the upbeat entertainment phenomena that is Buckler's Reel, and which to this day continues to tour Sussex pubs and clubs (and anyone else who needs them). Festivals, weddings, birthdays all enjoyed and catered for. Nobody can predict which cover they'll hear next, but it's always going to be interesting and lively. 'Nobody can be told what Buckler's Reel are like, you have to see them for yourself' (Morpheus). Recently filmed by the BBC for The Great Staycation on The Mac's Farm. For those looking for a more acoustic experience, Buckler's Lite are Sue and Paul with their own quirky set, when space and volume is an issue.



This is the full-on 4 piece rockin' sensation when you want your evening hi-energy fast and loud.



When space is at a premium and a lighter sound is required, Sue and Paul will delight you with their own special quirky set and witty banter.


Upcoming Events

  • 25 Jun, 21:00 – 23:05
    Hampden Arms, Hampden Arms, Heighton Rd, Newhaven BN9 0JJ, UK
    The pubs are open again! Yay! Let there be merriment...
  • Sat, 17 Jul
    East Sussex
    17 Jul, 17:00 – 22:20
    East Sussex, The Mac's Farm, Ditchling BN6 8TG, UK
    The famous Mac's Farm event.
  • 07 Nov 2020, 21:00 – 23:25
    Hampden Arms, Hampden Arms, Heighton Rd, Newhaven BN9 0JJ, UK
    After the burning stuff, drum banging and such-like....
  • Sat, 22 Aug
    The Kings Head
    22 Aug 2020, 21:00 – 23:30
    The Kings Head, 40 High St, Billingshurst RH14 9NY, UK
    Your favourite folkin' rock band return.
  • Wed, 19 Aug
    BN8 4EF
    19 Aug 2020, 11:00 – 15:00
    BN8 4EF, Lewes BN8 4EF, UK
    Our first gig in 5 months!
  • 01 Aug 2020, 21:00 – 23:05
    Victoria, Victoria Road, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1XD, UK
    Your favourite folk-rockers return
  • Sat, 18 Jul
    The Mac's Farm
    18 Jul 2020, 19:50 – 21:50
    The Mac's Farm , The Mac's Organic Egg Farm and Campsite, Dumbrells Court Road, Ditchling
    A fourth incredible year for this crackin' festival night at The Mac's. If it's as good as previous years, it'll be fantastic; but knowing The Mac's, it'll be even better. Ticket info will be listed very soon.
  • 09 May 2020, 21:00 – 23:30
    The Kings Head, 40 High St, Billingshurst RH14 9NY, UK
    Fiddle phenomenon Sue Buckler and band are back!
  • Sat, 02 May
    The Lantern
    02 May 2020, 21:00 – 23:05
    The Lantern, 3 Lower St, Pulborough RH20 2BH, UK
    A new venue! Very exciting.
  • Sat, 25 Apr
    The Victoria
    25 Apr 2020, 21:00 – 23:05
    The Victoria, 1 Victoria Road,, Portslade, United Kingdom
    Our last visit was with the Viper and our Christmas Show. We may have a new song or two to surprise you with this time but it's bound to include all your fast and furious favourites too. Bring your friends and look forward to seeing you there.
  • Sat, 04 Apr
    Brooksteed Alehouse
    04 Apr 2020, 19:00
    Brooksteed Alehouse, 38 S Farm Rd, Worthing BN14 7AE, UK
    Happy birthday to a top Micropub
  • Sat, 28 Mar
    The Old Boot
    28 Mar 2020, 21:00 – 23:25
    The Old Boot, 13 High St, Seaford BN25 1PE, UK
    Ooh, our first time back at The Boot this new decade! It's the debut here for the new Viper and may be even more fast and furious than it's ever been before. Looking forward to seeing old faces and new at one of our favourite venues.
  • Sun, 22 Mar
    The New Port Arms
    22 Mar 2020, 17:00 – 19:05
    The New Port Arms, Lady Bee Marina, Southwick, Brighton BN42 4EG, UK
    Come and celebrate your inner Irishness
  • Fri, 20 Mar
    The Eagle Inn
    20 Mar 2020, 21:00 – 23:05
    The Eagle Inn, 41 Tarrant St, Arundel BN18 9DJ, UK
    No-one can be told what Buckler's Reel are have to see them for yourself.
  • Tue, 17 Mar
    The Park View
    17 Mar 2020, 20:00 – 22:05
    The Park View, Salvington Rd, Durrington, Worthing BN13 2JR, UK
    Worthing's answer to Foster and Allen.
  • Sat, 14 Mar
    The Foresters Arms
    14 Mar 2020, 20:00 – 22:05
    The Foresters Arms, Kirdford, The Foresters Arms, Kirdford, Billingshurst RH14 0ND, UK
    Worthing's Premier folk-rockers bring their A-game to the countryside
  • Fri, 13 Mar
    The Red Deer
    13 Mar 2020, 20:00 – 23:00
    The Red Deer, 24D Carfax, Horsham RH12 1EE, UK
    With a respectful seasonal nod to St Pat, Buckler's Lite are pleased to bring their best fiddling fun to Horsham.

07530 432628

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